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You could build the most fabulous web site the world has ever seen, but without real estate internet marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) your website won’t be seen by potential customers. Real Estate Internet Marketing Formula and LinkSmart SEO will help your website get to the top of search engine results so you’re more likely to be viewed by searchers looking for relevant terms. With the right real estate internet marketing and SEO tools, your website can end up in front of millions of potential customers and generate lots of business for you. To help you achieve this, we have designed the “Real Estate Internet Marketing Formula” blueprint. It is very simple:

Right Keywords + On-page Optimization + Off-page Optimization = Top Search Engine Rankings = Lots of leads = High commission $$$

Let’s look at it in more detail:

Real Estate Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Component
#1: Choose the Right Keywords

Part of the optimization process is to choose keywords you can sprinkle strategically through your content that are likely to appear in the searches of your potential visitors. Start by putting yourself in the mind of someone who would be looking for your site. What phrases or words might they enter to do a search? Brainstorm a list of every phrase you can think of. Once you have a list, youall want to go through the possibilities and make them as specific as possible. For example, you might want to include the city or state where you handle real estate so your traffic will be more targeted and so you’ll have less competition for the top spot. You want to pick words and phrases people are really looking for. To do that, you can use Google’s Keyword Tool. You type in the word or phrase, and it shows how many people have been looking for that word or phrase. It also generates similar words and phrases as well as their results in case you need some additional ideas. The best part is – this tool is free.

Real Estate Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Component
#2: Optimize On-Page Factors

Google and other search engines look at more than your keywords when determining your ranking, however. Many of these other elements are known as on-page factors. For example, if you include your keyword or phrase in your URL or domain name then that’s a big plus for your ranking. Of course, that’s not always going to be possible with real estate internet marketing and search engine optimization. Other on-page factors you can optimize include your headings, your page description, metatags, alt tags and many others. Also, if you are frequently updating your site and adding new content this will help you score higher as well. For a complete check list of On-Page optimization, please contact us.

Real Estate Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Component
#3: Off-Page Optimization: Build Quality One-Way Links

Another important factor for your search engine results is the number of links to your site. The idea here is that other sites wouldn’t be linking to your site if you didn’t have something valuable to offer. For your website to rank high in the search engines, you will need a lot of links (hundreds and hundreds or even thousands of one-way quality backlinks) with anchor texts including your main keywords. The quality of those links is also an important factor so you need to choose the right company to outsource this task to. This is where we come into the playing field. LinkSmart SEO offers quality link building for real estate and local business websites including directory submissions, article and press release distribution, social bookmarking, and many other innovative ways to build quality backlinks to your website.

Our Real Estate Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Services

Always remember the reason for real estate internet marketing and search engine optimization is to get your website in front of the people who could most use your services. If your website is on the first page of Google and is in the top position, you will receive many leads you can turn into large commission checks. All this work might seem a bit overwhelming, but remember: you are not alone. We are here to help. Contact us for a free website evaluation and feel free to ask any questions at all.

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Real Estate Internet Marketing Formula offers real estate agents a step by step guide to successful real estate internet marketing. It shows agents step by step how to set up their own lead generating website, how to drive free targeted traffic to it and how to turn traffic into leads. Real Estate Internet Marketing Formula also gives a roadmap to converting leads into clients as well as maintaining constant contact with satisfied clients for a constant stream of repeat and referral business.

Real Estate Internet Marketing Formula show agents how to create a lead generating website for free and it also teaches 10 different and innovative ways to targeted buyer and seller traffic to the agent’s lead generating website. Seven of these traffic generation techniques are absolutely free, promising agents a substantial reduction in their marketing budget.
“Real Estate Internet Marketing Formula not only shows you how to generate leads, it also tells you how to automatically convert these leads to clients” said Katalin Cseke, owner of Internet Real Estate Consulting, LLC. “Even if you use only one of the strategies or techniques of Real Estate Internet Marketing Formula, you can significantly increase your online effectiveness.”

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