Real Estate Video SEO

Real Estate Video SEO – Get Your Videos to the first page of Google



Here is what Real Estate Video SEO will do for you:


  • We get your video positioned on the first page of Google within a few days to a few weeks (depending on how competitive your market is).
  • We make your video stand out ont he first page with a thumbnail – which regular weblistings do not have.
  • Provide a clickable link on the video to your lead capture website.

Real Estate Video SEO is a great tool to generate new listings! -- Imagine going to a listing presentation being able to offer a first page listing spot for your new client!

Real Estate Video SEO  is also a great tool to generate buyer leads! - Buyers LOVE looking at homes for sale!

See an example we have done for one of our clients. He was listing a condo in Adams Morgan in Washington DC. We were targeting the keyword: Adams Morgan Condo for sale. Can you see how the video really stands out? This video achieved first page ranking within just one week!

real estate video seo



Short videos are immensely popular on the Internet, but still few people use it to market real estate online.  Only few Realtors rely on internet videos as means to drive targeted traffic to their websites.

 Videos can help achieve first page rankings in a  short period of time. There are many reasons for this:

  • There are still relatively few real estate videos online.
  • Most of these videos are not set up properly, and are poorly positioned for search engine placement.

If you already have videos, we can market them for you. Or we can help you create the videos as well.  Here are just a few ideas. You can create a videos on any of the following topics:

  •  Video tour of one of your listings.  Instead of a traditional virtual tour (posting a number of still images in a slide show), shoot an actual video either with a handy cam, a webcam, or your digital camera’s video function.
  • A short presentation about how to search for houses on your website.  Record it with a handy cam, or a webcam.  You can also create a video using screenshots of your website while you explain how they can use your site to search for homes. 
  • A short video about the neighborhood or city you are targeting. This will draw a lot of people who are interested in relocating to your area. You can even create a series of videos about the different neighborhoods in your area. 
  •  A short presentation on how to price your house to sell. 
  • Or any other ideas you may very well have that easily lend themselves to a video presentation.



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